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This Kids Carpool App Won The SXSW Accelerator Transportation Category

gokid-sxsw-accelerator-top This Kids Carpool App Won The SXSW Accelerator Transportation CategoryNew York Startup, GoKid Wins Transportation Category in SXSW Accelerator

Getting your kids back and forth to school safely is a very important task. The chaotic lives of millennial parents can translate to stressful mornings and afternoons, worrying about drop offs, pickups and making it to each house on time. When you’re not the carpool driver, worry sets in when kids are even a couple of minutes late. Technology can definitely improve the carpool experience.

We wrote about GoKid last month  in our SXSW Accelerator preview series. We were excited to see that founder Stefanie Lemcke and her team had considered just about everything actual parents need in a Kids Carpool app.  We were actually surprised to see a couple of copycat startups at South By Southwest, but it seems the other ones hadn’t thought of important features like drop off notifications or notifications that let parents know when it’s their turn to drive.

Other GoKid features include:

  • Easily add your carpool or parents you know to the app to create a carpool
  • Knowing who’s day it is to drive for pickup and drop off
  • Reminders for when it’s your turn to drive
  • Quickly message the members of your car pool
  • Keep up with a GPS location of the carpool vehicle, know where your kids are

Of course GoKid is a mobile app but it’s also available in a desktop version to allow parents that are at work to access the important features.

GoKid is also designed to take existing carpools and parents that know one another and provide them with the technology tools to make managing the carpool experience easier. Many apps in this space are actually trying to be more like Uber and have kids picked up by total strangers. While this may save busy parents time, we’re not sure any actual parents would want their kids riding home with a complete stranger.

GoKid is created for parents by parents and safety is their first priority. This was all good enough for them to win the transportation category, quite a feat considering self driving car technology and ride-share management platforms were in the same category.

Check out our interview with Lemcke during the SXSW Accelerator Demo Day above and for more information visit

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