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HelpSocial: Real-time Context for Social Customer Service

There are a ton of different customer service tools out there that incorporate the various social media platforms. However, most of these platforms are just that, customer service tools that have basic social functionality and features. Mark Cuban backed HelpSocial, on the other hand, has folded social media into its platform in holistic way, adding valuable context to customer service.

Much more than simply showing the Tweets or Facebook posts and likes of users, HelpSocial presents your customer support team with a broad view of those interacting with your brand:

HelpSocial web and mobile apps show details about those who mention your brand so you immediately know who you’re talking to and understand how important their comment may be.1

Not only does the platform show you the relative value of a customers social interaction, it allows you to streamline and prioritize responses: “During critical, fast moving situations it can be difficult to decide who you should respond to first. HelpSocial highlights the posts that need your attention first to remove any guess-work and make the decision process immediate.”2 Not only does HelpSocial streamline responses, it can provide the sales team with valuable leads.

HelpSocial-Features-1024x321 HelpSocial: Real-time Context for Social Customer Service

Perhaps the largest differentiating factor between HelpSocial and similar services is the way it is constructed. HelpSocial is built on-top of an open API. Essentially, that means that the platform and its data can integrated into just about any existing application: “The open API allows the business to add social data and functions to their existing tools and systems enabling real-time customer service from anywhere across the business, especially the contact center.”3

During SXSW, we had a chance to speak with Matt Wilbanks, the CEO and Co-Founder of HelpSocial:

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