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SXSW 2018: We Talk With Google X-Prize Finalist iSpace Inc

iSpace Inc Prepares For Launch To The Moon With Their Rover and Lander

NASA typically has a big set up at the SXSW trade show, but this year it was cool to see other companies looking at space discovery, exhibiting to the masses. iSpace Inc is a Japanese company with American offices. The company has created their own remote controlled, unmanned lunar rover and are currently putting the finishing touches on their unmanned lunar lander.

The company is preparing for exploration missions to the moon and they are confident their first mission will happen by 2019. Once their equipment arrives on the moon they plan on exploring the moon to see if they can find water. Their scientists believe that there is definitely water on the moon.

ispace-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: We Talk With Google X-Prize Finalist iSpace IncIf that theory is confirmed than iSpace, and others, will be able to use water to sustain longer missions and create fuel. The company feels that these water resources represent an untapped potential. They intend to explore and develop these water resources and spearhead a new space based economy.

They also plan on mapping lunar resources to accelerate the pace of space development. Like Elon Musk, the folks at iSpace believe that the moon will become a destination of sorts and could support up to 10,000 travelers by the year 2040 but all of those ambitions are predicated on the resources they can find on the moon itself.

iSpace is a private company and their next step is to partner with a rocket company to get their lunar lander and rover up to the moon to begin their exploration. They plan on sharing their research to expand both our planet and our future.

At SXSW the company showed off their iPad controlled lunar rover which is designed to withstand rigorous changes in weather, zero gravity and conduct experiments. The lander is equipped with plenty of cameras and sensors, to facilitate that research.

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