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Michigan State University Entrepreneur Promises No More Broken Blades [sxsw]

John Mohyi And Mohyi Labs Has Created The Bladeless Drone

When Michigan State University student entrepreneur John Mohyi appeared on Intel’s “America’s Greatest Makers” it took him a while to get to the tag line that he has forever implanted in his brain, “No More Broken Blades”.  Anyone who has shelled out between $100 and $3,000 for the latest bladed drone technology feels the pain.

A quick search of drone forums or reddit will reveal hundreds of users who have purchased the latest DJI Phantom drone, just to have the quadcopter strike a tree, a building or the ground. Propellers instantly shatter. That’s why replacement propellers are so readily available at Bestbuy and Amazon.

Imagine a drone that was just as accurate, robust and functional as one of those Phantoms, but without the propeller.

mohyilabs-badelessdrone-1 Michigan State University Entrepreneur Promises No More Broken Blades [sxsw]

That’s what Mohyi has created in his lab.

He took the bladeless drone to the show and promised a development platform and a new vehicle experience. That’s what he has delivered. Another one of the amazing benefits of his drone, is that it can be used underwater. You can navigate the Mohyi Labs bladeless drone from a lake, a pool or the ocean, have it go straight up in the air and continue to fly.

This new technology, developed as part of the Michigan State University Entrepreneurship program, could help with FCC approval for regular commercially available drone deliveries.

Mohyi is a self proclaimed risk taker who enjoys nothing more than doing something that has never been done before. Could this technology lead to flying cars? Yes he tells us.

At 28 years old Mohyi has already done more than many people have done in a lifetime. He’s managed a band, ran for state senate, worked for an aerospace company and he’s a renaissance man. Oh and did we mention he’s a lawyer as well.

He didn’t move on in the America’s Greatest Makers challenge, which could have led to a $1,000,000 prize. However that didn’t stop him. He’s full speed ahead on bringing this bladeless drone technology to market.

Find out more at mohyilabs.com