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Jozu For Women Is Creating Safer, Friendlier Travel For Women

Travel Expert Stephenie Rodriguez Creates Travel Portal For Women, Jozu for Women

Stephenie Rodriguez has spent her entire career in online marketing, technology and travel. She’s traveled to 48 countries around the world, often times, solo. Rodriguez was around for the dotcom bubble. At that time she had helped create some of Australia’s earliest websites.

More recently she’s been using her skills to help airlines and travel companies drive massive online promotions on nickel and dime budgets. After creating a campaign on a $70 budget that yielded over $1.3 million dollars in bookings in just a number of days, Rodriguez decided to strike out on her own. She knew that she would do something in travel but wanted to make an impact for people like herself. Jozu for Women was born.

Jozu-for-womne-1 Jozu For Women Is Creating Safer, Friendlier Travel For Women


As the name suggests, Jozu for Women is an online portal for women travelers and women who make travel decisions. “Women make 90% of travel decisions regardless of who’s paying” Rodriguez told us in an interview at South By Southwest. Those women can be wives, girlfriends, fiances, executive assistants, entreperneurs, or executives themselves.

Jozu For Women is part community and part internet portal for booking travel. Women who join can talk to other women community members about traveling. Whether they have questions about hotels, restaurants, airlines or amenities. After making a more informed decision, travelers can book right from the site.

Jozu For Women makes a whole lot of sense. While they’re good for finding deals and preliminary reviews, a 4 star hotel on Travelocity or may have great wifi, excellent staffing and a beautiful interior, but they may leave out some important information, like the hotel is in the redlight district.

Safety for women is Rodriguez’s main focus, especially when traveling abroad. 32 million American women traveled last year, many of them by themselves. By creating a community of women travelers, other women can ask one another questions about real important issues.

Two years ago, I traveled to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. I booked what looked like an amazing boutique hotel, and it was, except the staff didn’t speak a bit of English and my Spanish was very rusty. Little issues like that can mean a lot to a woman.

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