Kinoma Create: A JS Powered Hardware Dev Kit For All Ages

We got to SXSW a little too late to get the full SXSWEdu experience. We got a day, but we would have like to spend more time checking out all the education stuff. That said, we saw one of the most innovative educational products during the SXSW trade show: the Kinoma Create. The quick rise of the Arduino has paved the way for a huge number of different hardware developer kits. The Kinoma Create has taken these hardware kits to the next level:

Kinoma Create is the JavaScript-powered construction kit perfect for prototyping smart consumer electronics and Internet of Things devices. Kinoma Create removes the need to buy a bare single-board computer with loads of different add-ons by creating a plug-and-play environment with all the tools needed on board, all ready to go right out of the box! With Kinoma Create you’ll be at “hello world” in just a few minutes.1

Kinoma Kinoma Create: A JS Powered Hardware Dev Kit For All Ages

The Kinoma Create is unlike any other hardware kit, at least that we have seen. At its heart, the Kinoma Create is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform. Developing for the Kinoma Create is, relatively, simple. The company has just open-sourced their once proprietary Kinoma Platform Runtime, along with their KinomaJS API. All of this is easily accessible through the also open-source Kinoma Studio development environment. Kinoma Studio come pre-loaded with a ton of different projects to help you get started with the platform.

The Kinoma Create device includes a number of different connections and input sensors:

Inside each Kinoma Create is a power-efficient 800 MHz ARM CPU, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a color capacitive touchscreen, and tons of I/O for sensors. Also on-board each Kinoma Create are 66 hardware pins that implement Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog-to-Digital Input (A2D), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), I2C, and Serial Input/Output.2

During SXSW, we had a chance to speak with Peter Hoddie, the VP of the Kinoma Platform and one of the original co-founders of the company.3

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