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SXSW 2018: We Talk With Medici About Technology’s Impact On Health and Vet Care

We Talk With Medici’s VP of Product, Jason Whitson About Technologies Impact On Health and Vet Care, and How Legacy Enterprises Are Collaborating With Startups

Medici, an Austin based telemedicine startup, has created an app based product that helps patients reach out to doctors for quick easy answers. The ramifications of this are awesome and it works. Rather than having to schlep all the way into the doctors office for a quick answer, doctors can use Medici to consult with patients via their HIPAA compliant application.

A wide range of doctors and even veterinarians are using the app to help make healthcare more accessible and easier for patients and freeing up time for doctors to do other medical work.

Medici is receiving a warm response across the medical community, including big medical firms, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations. This is a growing trend in an industry that was customarily seen as a walled garden for so many years. Bigger companies now realize that they need the innovation coming out of today’s medical startups.  Startups realize that they need the ecosystem and support that comes with working with major healthcare companies.

To that end, Jason Whitson, the VP of Product for Medici was invited as a panelist at the Fast Company House for a panel entitled: “How Digital Technology Is Redefining What’s Possible in Health Care”. The panel, held on Sunday during SXSW featured: Adam Schechter, President of Global Human Health, Merck, Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC, Iana Dimkova, Director, Healthcare Investing, GE Ventures and moderated by Fast Company’s Chuck Salter.

The panel took a dive into the impact that digital technology is already having in health care and then a look into the future of digital technology in healthcare. What’s unique is that Whitson represented the only startup amongst the rest of the panelists from legacy healthcare companies.

Check out our video interview with Whitson above and for more about Medici visit

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