MetricStory: Easy to Use Analytics

One of the cooler venues that we were able to check out at SXSW was the Startup Oasis, hosted by UP Global and the Kauffman Foundation. There were a whole bunch of different events and showcases at the Oasis during SXSW, which we will get to. However, during one of the expo-style showcase events, we had a chance to speak with a really interesting company. MetricStory has created an incredibly easy-to-use analytics platform.

MetricStory-Details MetricStory: Easy to Use Analytics

While Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, ChartBeat, and others a great resources, they are somewhat complex and intimidating to people who many not spend a large amount of time on the web. This presents a challenge to owners of small businesses, especially older people, who don’t use the web as their main sales channel. Even setting up Google Analytics can be difficult for people without any experience. Essentially then, MetricStory has created one of, if not the absolute easiest analytics platforms.

Setting up MetricStory is simple. First, you have to download their Chrome extension. Once the extension is active, all you have to do is go through your website and click which links and buttons you want to track and assign a name to each one. Then all you have to do is put one line of code in between your <head> tags. Thats it.

We had a chance to ask the MetricStory team a few questions about their analytics platform at Startup Oasis: