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Modiface Rockstar Jennifer Tidy To Speak At Fashion House SXSW 17

Modiface, The Pioneer Of Augmented Reality In The Beauty Space, To Speak At SXSW

Jennifer-Tidy-Modiface-CES Modiface Rockstar Jennifer Tidy To Speak At Fashion House SXSW 17

Modiface Director of Partnerships Jennifer Tidy (photo CES/Digital Health)

One of the biggest industries that augmented reality is disrupting is the beauty industry. Between the cell phone, tablet and apps, technology is breaking barriers and boundaries in cosmetics and beauty. People who saw a great advertisement for a cosmetic and thought “wow that looks great on her, but how would it look on me” have found their answer in technology.

Today there are a number of companies trying to get into the space, but it may be too little too late. Modiface, now in it’s tenth year, was founded by Parham Aarabi an engineer with a PhD from Stanford. How does a nerdy tech guy go from engineering degrees from the University of Toronto and Stanford, to leading the number one company in cosmetic consumer technology?

Through botox and military research of course.

“I was a grad student at Stanford working with the defense industry on lip tracking for lip-reading at a distance,” Aarabi told Techcrunch last January.

Now Modiface let’s anyone try their face, their hair, their eyes and their lips with makeup from industry leading partners. In fact their technology can be found in apps from L’Oreal, Sephora, Unilever and many more. Modiface technology powers cosmetic and beauty apps that have been downloaded over a quarter million times (source: Tower).

On Sunday March 12th, Modiface’s director of partnerships, the lovely and talented Jennifer Tidy, will be speaking on a panel called Faces+Digital Spaces: Transforming Beauty. This panel is part of Decode Fashion a partner conference at SXSW. (check out the whole lineup here)

Tidy has spoken across the country and around the world discussing beauty, technology and the crossroads that is Modiface. We saw her last year at CES, and at Innocos.

Don’t miss her and Modiface at Decoded Fashion, at the Hangar Lounge here’s the sign up page.

It’s chalk full of speakers ranging from Tidy to speakers from Kate Spade, Stylus, Revlon, Pinterest, TopShop, Under Armour and More.