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SXSW 2018 Interview With Erica Peterson, Founder Of Moms Can Code

Moms Can Code Is A Community Of Moms Who Can Code, and More

Moms Can Code is a membership driven community of moms who are learning how to code. Many moms are learning how to code because it’s an important skill in today’s economy. They are also learning how to code so that when their kids come home from school with coding homework and coding projects, moms can dive right in and help. There’s also an abundance of moms who are learning how to code to be competitive in the current world’s workforce or to start their own companies.

Until now, there hasn’t been an organization that specifically catered to moms. Moms typically have strenuous schedules compared to others that may have found a web based coding school or community.  They also have different reasons that they’re learning to code and grow off the support of other mothers that are in the exact same place.

Just 26% of the coding workforce today, is made up of women. This is a plight several companies are taking on, again at the under 18 level. But what about moms?

Back in the day, not even too long ago, women who go to college or straight into the workforce. Then they might take a break to start a family. Naturally, as their children become school aged they want to go back in the workforce. Then, there were a variety of correspondence courses and then online courses in accounting, business administration, even nursing. Those skills are important and can lead to good careers, but in 2018 and beyond the skills needed to become the new leaders, start technology companies, and innovate, are surrounded in coding.

Erica Peterson founded the company for all of the reasons we’ve cited above but even more importantly, so moms can stop apologizing and start doing something that’s going to make a difference, and an impact. Since before the birth of her first child, Peterson, like many other moms, was always apologizing. “Sorry I’m late I had an appointment with the pediatrician”, “Sorry I have to leave, the daycare called”, “Sorry, I’m too tired to do anything”, were common place for her and millions of other moms.

Peterson’s Mom’s Can Code has taken off faster than her wildest dreams. The Ted Talk speaker, mom and founder has discovered that women from all walks of life are joining the Moms Can Code community for a wide range of reasons.

Watch our video interview with Peterson above and for more information or to join, visit 

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