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What’s A Monkey Challenge? We Found Out At SXSW

Irvine Startup Monkey Challenges Can Crowdfund Your Challenge

A new startup out of Irvine California is helping people monetize their challenges, while gaining exposure in a fun and exciting environment.

Monkey Challenges encourages people to put their challenges on their platform. People can post just about any kind of challenge and get it funded by the crowd.

Can you juggle ten tennis balls at the same time? Do you have some amazingly rad stunt you want to show off to the world? Can you beat an all time record at a video game in one sitting? Whatever the challenge is there is a place for it at

Monkeychallenges-1 What's A Monkey Challenge? We Found Out At SXSW

Monkey Challenges Founder Kaileen Wang

Once you’ve decided on your challenge, you post it to the website, similarly to the way you would post a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. Detail your challenge, what’s involved, what are the risks, what are the rewards and add a video of what you’re going to do. You can then raise money for your challenge. That money raised stays in holding until you submit a video verifying that you did your challenge.

Once you’ve completed your challenge on video, the crowd will vote to decide whether you really did exactly what you said you were going to do. If the crowd concurs then you get the money that was raised. If the crowd decides you didn’t meet your challenge, then the money goes back to the contributors, no love lost. You can get started on your next challenge right away.

Now Monkey Challenges is going to be great for fun and stunts but the real winner here will be people doing challenges for charity. Just think about how the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took off. If you want to do your challenge and donate the money to charity, in which case all the pledged contributions go straight to the charity.

Check out our video above with entrepreneur and founder Kaileen Wang and check out