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SXSW 2018: Musicoin Is Revolutionizing Music For Musicians and Listeners With Blockchain

musicoin-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: Musicoin Is Revolutionizing Music For Musicians and Listeners With BlockchainMusicoin Is Revolutionizing Music Listening and Compensation, On The Blockchain

Musicoin is a new crypto-economy built on the Blockchain and designed to help both musicians and music listeners in equally important, but distinctly different, ways.

On the side of the musician, streaming music services have made it extremely hard for artists that aren’t world renowned superstars, to make any kind of money with their music. Royalties via streaming services are the lowest form of royalties an artist can make. Tracking is nearly impossible and transparency is practically non-existent.

The Musicoin Blockchain ensures each musician receives the most competitive industry competition, instantly and automatically for each stream of music. With Musicoin musicians can get up to the minute statistics on how often their songs have been streamed and they’ve also incorporated tools that enrich fan interactions and make it easier for musicians to collaborate with one another.

For listeners, Musicoin provides a completely free streaming platform, without ads. Listeners enjoy free music and get paid in Musicoin to try value added services on top of the Musicoin platform. For instance, listeners can earn Musicoin by simply sharing new songs and artists with other users. Listeners can also “tip” musicians by clapping when their songs are on. These claps/tips translate to real Musicoin in the musicians account.

Musicoin also puts listeners in direct contact with new musicians creating a new type of fan. Once cultivated, these relationships lead to more sharing, more listening, more playlist creation and more enjoyment of new music.

For their first installation, Musicoin has teamed up with Volareo, a Dutch startup that has created the first Bluetooth speaker specifically for Musicoin and the Blockchain. The speaker, going on sale later this year, will provide the complete Musicoin experience in a table top, portable speaker that you can take with you anywhere.

Find out more about Musicoin by watching our video interview above with Daniel Lawton, and at

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