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SXSW 2018: New Zealand Startup Is Leveling The Playing Field For Government Contracts

We Talk With John Gonzales The Founder Of Nexus Marketplace At SXSW 2018

Governments dole out millions and millions of dollars in government contracts every year. Most governments resort to using an outdated RFP (request for proposal) process to bid out contracts. In a lot of cases the same big companies or the same companies that run in good ole boy networks, win those bids year in and year out, like clockwork. And that’s all in New Zealand.

John Gonzalez, the founder of a New Zealand based startup called Nexus Marketplace is working to change that process in New Zealand and in countries like the US where that process stifles the economy, helps the rich get richer and neglects to support the countries entrepreneurs and startups that are supposed to be the fabric of our communities. Another disturbing trend Gonzalez has seen is when governments hold innovation contests and want people to hack together and create problem solving products, those products never really get used. It’s time for real service instead of lip service.

Gonzalez is hoping that his startup will inspire a change in the conversation and more importantly a change in the way things are done. Nexus Marketplace wants to make sure that every small business, startup, entrepreneur and citizen has a voice when it comes to co-creating the most impactful public services. You see, in both  New Zealand and the United States, and hundreds of other countries, the end users of many public services were never talked to or asked for input in the services they use everyday.

Nexus Marketplace hopes to democratize public service design and delivery. The platform is designed for co-creating public services to maximize the social impact of public sector investments.

With Nexus Marketplace governments will finally have a true insight into not just the problems in their communities but the solutions as well. Using the platform to find new solutions will end up saving governments millions of dollars. These new solutions will stop the process of re-inventing the same wheel over and over again.

Nexus Marketplace will also disrupt the “good ole boy” network found in so many community governments worldwide. Government projects will be looked at by their merit, innovation, problem solving and savings.

Gonzales admitted he and his team don’t have an easy road ahead of them, but it will be a worthwhile journey.

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