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Norwegian Startup Requestify Wants You To Have Better Parties [sxsw]

Norwegian Startup Requestify Launches Social Music Sharing Platform At SXSW

Christoffer Riseng, the founder of Norwegian startup Requestify wants to help people have better parties through music. Once someone downloads the Requestify app they can then share their music playlists with everyone else at the party and control the music at a central point, like the speaker system.

The app helps people “DJ” parties. Users can put their favorite songs in queue. Other users can vote on whether they like the song or not.

Having bad music at a party is one of the quickest ways to get people to leave. Requestify gives everyone at a party, that downloads the app, equal chance to control the music. If a user picks a bad sone and the host doesn’t like it they can put that user on time out.  The host can also change the order that the queued songs play.

requestify-1 Norwegian Startup Requestify Wants You To Have Better Parties [sxsw]

Requestify has also baked in social discovery features. Users can check out who is loading up songs, are they male or female, are they single, what other kinds of music do they like. It actually cultivates a new way to start a conversation between two strangers.

There are a number of other startups that are venturing into a similar space. Ampme for instance, is a social music sharing startup that turns other users into speakers, playing songs from one device to a network of other close by devices. Requestify simplifies the process by allowing the party-goers to select the music coming out of one centralized location.

There are a couple of jukebox style machines currently available to bars and restaurants that will allow users to queue up songs from their mobile device. Of course in this case they are picking songs from a predetermined catalog.

With Requestify, as long as you have the song you can play it in the queue and lighten up the party.

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