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SXSW 2018: Squint Browser Delivers The News You Want To See

Austin Startup Squint Browser Offers The News You Want To See, And Hear

Some of us love consuming news but it most cases we just want the news that matters to us. Here at nibletz we use a variety of tools to help us parse the news that’s relevant to startups everywhere else and edtech. We use Google News alerts, a parsing service that clips news for us and a couple of other search tools. Sounds like a lot right? Because it is.

Squint Browser, an Austin startup, has created a mobile web browser tool that automatically clips news from the sites you choose using the keywords you want. They call these clippings “squints” hence the name squint browser.

Squint Browser for IOS goes beyond just sending you to links of sites that may have the keywords you’re looking for (like Google News alerts), it takes the websites you go to the most, say USA Today, and highlights just the articles that contain the keywords or keyword combinations that you’re specifically looking for.

If you’re looking for articles about Ford 150 trucks, you’ll see the stories about Ford F150 trucks. If you’re looking for news about Startups in Montana, you’ll see stories about startups in Montana. Squint Browser, created by Big Fish Design, has re-invented the way you browse the web.

Because it’s a web browser, your keywords are found wherever you decide to surf to. This is a big deal because there are several “news” apps that will allow you to view stories relevant to your news, but only from the sources that they approve or have relationships with. Squint Browser is available on any site you surf too within the Squint Browser app.

We got a chance to speak with Aaron Lyman the founder of Big Fish Design and the creator of Squint Browser in the interview video above. At SXSW 2018 he explained that they’re working on their next iteration which includes integration with Car Play. Squint Browser will be able to read you the news in your car so you can keep your eyes on the road. This voice capability will even allow you to listen to the news or your squints, while you’re jogging, cycling, working out or getting ready for bed.

Squint Browser will change the way you browse the web for what matters to you the most. Find out more here at 

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