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SXSW 2018: Meet The Dutch Entrepreneur That’s Designed The Perfect Tailgate Grill

Tailgating Isn’t A Thing In The Netherlands But GRXLL (Grill-X) Is.

When we stopped by the New Dutch Wave house at South By Southwest last week we were both intrigued and a little puzzled by a product called GRXLL (Grill-X). GRXLL is a new, modular grill that allows grills to be attached together to make larger, and smaller grilling surfaces. How big exactly? Stackables founder Eric Djie told us you could make the world’s biggest grill, by just connecting them together.

One single GRXLL unit is more than adequate for a backyard family barbecue. It features a 300SQUI grilling surface and heats up with about 14,000 BTU, the most powerful of any portable grill.

When you connect two or more GRXLLs together you can create a bigger grilling surface. When you connect three together they fit perfectly on the tailgate of a standard sized pickup truck, making it the ideal grill for tailgating. The funny part is, Djie, and Stackables, the company that created the GRXLL, are from the Netherlands where they don’t tailgate, at all.

grxll-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: Meet The Dutch Entrepreneur That's Designed The Perfect Tailgate GrillDjie told us that on trips to the United States he would tailgate with buddies and had some of the most fun and good times that he’s ever had in his life and designed GRXLL and other modular, stackable products to make having fun and good times, easier.

The GRXLL is extremely easy to clean and can be closed up and stored safely in the truck while tailgaters go and enjoy the game. It’s a win-win across the board.

Djie presented GRXLL at the SXSW tradeshow in the New Dutch Wave expo section and at the New Dutch Wave house where on Monday afternoon they fired up the grill during a barbecue. But this trip to SXSW wasn’t just about showcasing the product. Djie is relocating to Austin Texas to really give his business the jumpstart it needs.

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