Who Is Actually Attending South By Southwest [infographic]

Quantcast Infographic Dives Into Attendees Of South By Southwest

SXSW2017-top Who Is Actually Attending South By Southwest [infographic]

We’re still three days from the official closing of South By Southwest 2017. We’re months away from official 2017 numbers. Being on the ground in Austin, this year’s festival looked to be close in number to the last two previous years. South By Southwest EDU, the edtech focused shoulder festival leading up to the South By Southwest Conference, seemed to have a substantial increase in foot traffic. That assessment is just visual.

The first two days of the Southwest By Southwest Conference (Film/Interactive and Music are now just SXSW Conference) were met with cloudy skies, rain and a tad bit chilly. Driving droves of attendees into panel discussions, keynotes and exhibitions.

Over the last seven years we’ve seen more and more people attend the festival and more and more people with actual badges. They’ve made it harder this year to share badges as every session had at least one, if not three, volunteers checking attendees in by scanning their QR code. The code popped up a picture that needed to match your badge picture and your actual face. Of course sharing badges has never been allowed and people that do it suck.

The content has also improved ten fold, at least on the EDU and Interactive side. More and more top tier executives and speakers are coming to South By Southwest to speak and engage with the audience of creatives. This year we saw Vice President Joe Biden, Dave McClure, Mark Cuban, Kesha and several others. Heck, Garth Brooks even did a keynote.

But who’s attending all these panels and sessions.

Quantcast has released the infographic below that’s using online audience behaviors to take a peek at who is most interested in South By Southwest. Now that can be tough to gauge. Cell phone signal within downtown Austin is nothing short of atrocious. But, on the other hand, the WIFI within SXSW venues has vastly improved. In fact, it was easy to spot newbies, they were the ones complaining about the wifi. Vets knew it was 10x better than even last years.

According to the Quantcast data. Film sessions cater to mostly men between the ages of 35-54. We’re not sure if this data is panels only or includes showings.

Interactive skews a little younger at 25-34 and has an even mix when it comes to gender. Interestingly, Quantcast data suggests that the ethnicity of Interactive is mostly Asian. I don’t agree.

The Music Festival sees the highest numbers with 25-44 year old college educated women. That could be right.

Check out the infographic below and more here with our friends at 512Tech.

Quantcast_SXSW-Profilessmaller Who Is Actually Attending South By Southwest [infographic]