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SXSW 2018: Calling All Women Led Startups

truewealth-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: Calling All Women Led StartupsWomen Led True Wealth Ventures Is Looking For Some Great Women Led Startups During SXSW Interactive

Investors from all over the world will be on the prowl at South By Southwest (SXSW) looking for the next big thing. SXSW has long been known as the starting point for some big startups. FourSquare, remember those guys, they were a SXSW darling. Banjo, Highlight heck even Facebook made a big splash at SXSW years ago. With over 100,000 attendees on the ground, 3,000 startups with some kind of “official” presence and than another 5000+ startups, hacking their way through SXSW Interactive, it can be very noisy. For years, it’s also been a bro show.

Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp, General Partners at True Wealth Ventures are doing their part to change that narrative.

The startup world in 2018 looks a lot different than it did, just last year. The gender gap in startup funding and salaries in technology and computer science fields were under a big spotlight last year. Add to that a trend of sexual harassment issues that stretched as far as SXSW mainstay Dave McClure and 500 startups and you’ll understand why it’s time to level the playing field. With that in mind, most of the big tech events have said they are bringing women led startups, entrepreneurs and developers to the forefront. Said being the operative word.

True Wealth Ventures is looking for companies and organizations that are addressing problems, gaps and issues in the sustainable consumer and consumer health and wellness verticals. The companies they are targeting should have at least one woman of significant decision-making authority and with significant ownership on the founding and/or executive team. They’re looking for startups and companies where women are making a difference.

The True Wealth Ventures pitch session is Saturday March 10, 2018 and will be held just three blocks away from the Austin Convention Center. It’s very important to note that for this pitch session you don’t have to have a SXSW badge.

You can apply to pitch using ProSeeder here. In the “Referred by Field” you must type in “2018 SXSW Pitch Session Submission” to be considered. You’ll need to upload your current pitch deck, including a team page and submit with a valid/active email address by Wednesday February 28th.  If they like your stuff you’ll be invited to pitch in person during the event.  Those selected will be notified by Friday March 2, 2018.

The criteria for selection includes:

  1. Women in leadership at the company (please include a team page in your pitch deck)
  2. Market fit for Fund’s investment focus areas
  3. Early fundraising stage and exit potential

Apply here, now!

sxsw2018-nibletz-house-banner SXSW 2018: Calling All Women Led Startups