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SXSW 2018: WanderSafe Is The Safe Travel App That You Need

wandersafe-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: WanderSafe Is The Safe Travel App That You NeedWanderSafe Is The Ultimate Travel Safety App For The Solo Explorer

Do you remember those travel commercials that said “you’ll never roam alone”? That’s a great idea at face value but what if you like traveling alone or you have to travel on business alone? Millions of people travel alone every year, both men and women.

One traveler who’s passport has been stamped from over 50 countries is Australia based Stephenie Rodriguez. Rodriguez, obviously no stranger to travel, has made many of those trips alone, some by choice and some because of business. In fact, Rodriguez spent nearly 30 hours traveling to SXSW in Austin Texas this week, from her home in Australia.

As a solo explorer and a travel entrepreneur, Rodriguez knows first hand what it’s like to be in a strange country, enjoying the sites and sounds but not knowing with 100% certainty which areas are safe and which aren’t. That’s why her company, Jozu For Women, created WanderSafe, The Solo Traveler’s Safety Companion.

There are a lot of travel apps out there but none of them are hyper focused on safe travel, especially where solo explorers are concerned. While Rodriguez explained to that WanderSafe was designed for solo travelers, it’s also a great app to have on hand if you’re traveling with a friend, loved one or your family.

WanderSafe will keep travelers informed, and more aware of their surroundings and also introduce you to like minded wanderers where you are and where you’re headed.

WanderSafe’s unique safety features include:

  • Dynamic heat maps of safe areas
  • Safety Tips from local WanderSafe Heros
  • Curated Safe Location Data from TRUSTED sources
  • Personalised Travel content curated by JENI, your digital personal safety companion
  • Share your travel & safety tips with a connected community of global travelers

WanderSafe goes well beyond the expected aspects of traveling safely. The app features JENI your digital safety companion. JENI makes sure you have the relevant safety information you need to give you peace of mind, regardless of where you’re traveling. JENI offers expert advice from WanderSafe’s in house team of safety experts with backgrounds in both law enforcement and diplomatic security.

WanderSafe is preparing for a launch on Kickstarter and you can sign up here to be part of their exclusive release, by clicking here.  and you can find out more about WanderSafe here. 

This week at SXSW Stephenie Rodriguez is hosting and collaborating with several women focused events, follow her on Twitter here and follow WanderSafe here. 

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