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SXSW Startup Preview: Wonderkind Finds The Best Job Seekers Wherever They Are

wonderkind-sxsw-top SXSW Startup Preview: Wonderkind Finds The Best Job Seekers Wherever They AreDutch Startup Wonderkind Finds The Best Job Candidates, Wherever They Are.

It seems the job market is ripe for innovation just about all the time. As job seekers change their habits, new startups come in to try and reach those job seekers wherever they are. It all began with websites like Monster and Career Builder, post your resume and cross  your fingers. That worked out for millions of people, and it didn’t for millions of others.

There are sites like Linkedin and Indeed, heck people even turn to Craigslist to find work, those of course, are all active job seekers.

Have you ever met one of those people who’s never “applied for a job” but somehow they always end up with the best jobs? That’s not luck it’s either they know someone or somehow they were able to get a job message through a passive channel.

One of those big channels is online and social advertising.  Through all of the different innovations in job finding and searching platforms, advertising, to where people actually are, is the most effective. The problem with advertising is your startup company or small business doesn’t have millions of dollars to do it or the time to A/B test ads and figure out what works. Your company has to do it’s business and you don’t want to hire one of those talent firms that will cost you thousands of dollars and return just a handful of candidates.

Luckily for you Dutch startup Wonderkind is doing that all for us now. Wonderkind’s proprietary technology is able to find the best candidates for your position and then send them ads, that they will actually view, using the social media networks and websites that they actually go to.  They are able to reach all active and passive job seekers using the media channels they actually use. Whether it’s Facebook, Tinder, YouTube, Snapchat or some other website, Wonderkind helps companies with job openings effectively reach the right candidates without breaking the bank.

Wonderkind’s technology finds the best candidates based on:

  • demographics
  • location
  • interests
  • online behaviors

Wonderkind reaches 90% of the internet by advertising your jobs on social media, Google and apps that job seekers are using everyday. They A/B test every ad and use historical data from ads that worked in the past to build the best strategy. They do all of this while you sit back and wait for qualified candidates to pour in. You don’t need to worry about anything but posting your original job. It’s that simple.

Meet the future of job advertising at the New Dutch Wave House at SXSW 2018 March 11th-14th. Also, find out more at 

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