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SXSW 2018: Zillable Is Collaboration Built On A Social Framework

zillable-sxsw-top SXSW 2018: Zillable Is Collaboration Built On A Social FrameworkTeams Big and Small, Are Getting More Done With Zillable

Move over Slack-ers there’s a new collaboration platform in town. Zillable is helping teams both big and small, from startups, to fortune 500s, communicate, collaborate and innovate better. The foundation to Zillable’s platform is that it’s built on a social framework so collaboration and communication feels natural and intuitive. This translates to getting more done.

In addition to Slack there are several other collaboration platforms that provide pretty good communication but come up short in other areas. With Zillable collaboration actually works because they offer:

  • Transparent team messaging and video chat
  • Infinitely flexible boards
  • Real time document collaboration

Zillable sparks true collaboration across teams which means that departmental and group silos are dissolved. They also know that for true collaboration to take place every team member and every stake holder needs access to the same information, documents and media, regardless of what formats they’re in. Zillable ensures that everyone on the team can get the information they need to make the right decisions. Zillable also ensures that access is controlled where it needs to be.

Familiarity is a key part of Zillable as well. By creating tools that are familiar and intuitive it means more team members can get right to work, quicker. Zillable’s familiar tools allow your teams to collaborate, communicate, manage, create, engage and interact across divides from any device, all from one place and without having to switch apps.

Zillable makes communication simple by allowing you to communicate one on one with certain team members or in groups both public and private, without having to reconfigure an entire team flow.

Zillable goes way beyond normal communication and collaboration tools. With Zillable users can find other users with similar traits through mind maps. Managers or team leaders can quickly find the ideal people to collaborate on certain projects through skill maps.

We stopped by the Zillable booth at the SXSW trade show earlier this month. Check out our interview video above. For more information visit

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