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SXSWedu: Tatum Talks To The Woman Who Makes The Things At Bird Brain Technologies

Bird Brain Technologies Curriculum Director, Bambi Brewer, Talks To Tatum About Making All The Things.

Our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum F insists that she’s going to be a “YouTuber” when she grows up. With over 100,000 views of her edtech videos she’s well on the way to that goal. The aspiring vlogger and journalist has been interviewing different people from edtech companies and learning about and reviewing edtech products. On this year’s edtech conference circuit she’s been very interested in everybody’s job, and after talking with Bird Brain Technologies, Bambi Brewer, on Tuesday at SXSWedu she thought Bambi had a cool name and an equally as cool job.

Brewer is the Curriculum Director at Bird Brain Technologies, the company behind the Finch robot and the Hummingbird Robotics kit.

For those not familiar, the Hummingbird Robotics Kit is a kit with brains, motors and LEDs that helps students, kids and even adults, bring all kinds of projects to life. Users can create amazing things out of every day household items, arts and crafts supplies and cardboard and then use the kit to make them move, light up and even do different tasks.

Once the creation has been made the next part of the fun begins. Users program their creation to do whatever they want it to do, they then use their mobile device to control it.

hummingbird-elephant-sxswedu-top SXSWedu: Tatum Talks To The Woman Who Makes The Things At Bird Brain TechnologiesBrewer develops the curriculum around Hummingbird and Finch. Tatum thought that was cool enough, but then she found out that Brewer also makes all the creations that we see at Bird Brain booths at each show we go to. For SXSWedu Brewer created a cardboard elephant. The elephants trunk was controlled by her phone’s accelerometer, as were the elephant’s legs. It was made up of servo motors and LEDs and programmed to do some awesome things.

At TCEA and FETC Tatum loved the gnome made out of a cup that moved back and forth, another Brewer creation. While at SXSWedu Brewer helped the young reporter create her own cup figure with a hook for an arm.

Check out Tatum’s interview video above and for more information visit

You can see Brewer’s latest creation at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs, March 14-17th.

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