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SXSWedu 2018 Preview: Brackitz Brings A New Way To Build

Students Can Invent Anything They Can Imagine With Brackitz

Building blocks are a staple in toy chests of boys and girls across the globe for decades. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in construction sets in quite some time. Until now.

Brackitz are unique, open ended construction toys that allow traditional planks to connect anywhere, at any point, and any angle, enabling builders to design any structure they can imagine. Brackitz are so open ended that Lubeck and co-founder Chris Cochella still learn new things that can be created with the toys.

While kids can start using Brackitz as early as 3 or 4 they even keep kids 12 and 13 occupied and creating for hours.

brackitz-sxswedu-1 SXSWedu 2018 Preview: Brackitz Brings A New Way To Build

Brackitz come in a variety of kits and they have additional kits that include pulleys, wheels and more allowing kids of all ages to stretch their imaginations even further. Educators are using Brackitz to help kids figure out how to make their creations work, solidifying the toys role in the makerspace or STEM/STEAM classroom.

Cochella started the company and created Brackitz after he and his young children became frustrated with how limiting traditional blocks are. Wooden blocks ultimately fall at the end of play. Bricks are restricted to what they can do as well. Once Brackitz were created and real, it was agreed that they will really stimulate the imagination.

Students from grades Pre-K to 6th can creatively design, build and invent with Brackitz while being immersed in spatial reasoning, problem based learning and engineering design. With Brackitz they can even learn concepts around simple machines and how to make things in the real world fit together to build something amazing. Brackitz allow for more flexibility and by proxy more creativity and imagination when bringing projects to life.

You can check out Brackitz at SXSWedu in the Playground March 5-8th in Austin Texas and find out more online at brackitz.com 

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bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 SXSWedu 2018 Preview: Brackitz Brings A New Way To Build