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SXSWedu: Brackitz In The Classroom Is Breathing New Life Into Science

brackitz-edustory-top SXSWedu: Brackitz In The Classroom Is Breathing New Life Into ScienceBrackitz Inspire Creativity, Collaboration, Problem Solving and Engineering

Chances are if you’re as old as I am, learning about pulleys in science class looked something like the picture above. Sure it was pretty cool to lift a weight, that I couldn’t otherwise pick up, with my hand using a pulley, but that was the extent of it. I believe that in this day and age of coding, programming and robotics, we sometimes forget that simple machines and basic engineering concepts are still part of our educational standards. Brackitz makes those concepts just as fun.

Brackitz is a construction toy that allow students to invent and create just about anything. With Brackitz, kids create 3D structures, simple machines, animals, houses, buildings, robots and more. All the while they are learning the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering, art and math or what some of us like to call, STEAM.

Now Brackitz connect to each other through their planks, gears, pulleys, sprockets and chains. What they don’t connect to is a device or the internet, and that’s the beauty of it.

Even unconnected, Brackitz can help teachers and educators build a new kid of engagement in the classroom, libraries, maker spaces and after school programs.

brackitz-steam-center SXSWedu: Brackitz In The Classroom Is Breathing New Life Into ScienceBrackitz took off in the retail toy industry. Parents love the creativity that Brackitz brings to the playroom. The company has put together Brackitz sets optimized for the classroom. Schools and teachers can order:

  • Structures set
  • Wheels and Axles
  • Pulleys and Cranks
  • Gears, Sprockets and Chains

Or they can get the complete STEAM center including all of the sets that will have students creating for hours on end. In addition to the sets packaged specifically for education, Brackitz offers lesson plans and resources to teachers looking to add Brackitz to their lessons and project based learning (PBL).

You can get some of your own hands on playtime with Brackitz and see first hand why they would compliment any classroom, at SXSWedu in the Playground, March 5-8th in Austin Texas. Find out more online at brackitz.com/education.

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