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Where Does BYOD Fit In The Future Of Classroom Learning?

SXSWedu Panel Pick: BYOD To The Redesigned Classroom

sxswedu18-top Where Does BYOD Fit In The Future Of Classroom Learning?

Today, technology is increasingly used in the classroom to reinforce interactive, collaborative activities that prepare students for the workplace. As a result, we need tools and environments that better support connectivity and network infrastructure as a whole. Founder and CEO of Top Hat Mike Silagadze, Professor Matthew Numer from Dalhousie University, Founder of Makerversity Tom Tobia, and Principal at Rethink Education Michelle Dervan will come together to discuss the next era of the BYOD movement in redesigning future classrooms and makerspaces.

Mike Silagadze’s perspective comes from Top Hat’s unique position as an edtech company that works directly with professors to make class materials more affordable, engaging, and accessible. He understands that technology can and should be used as an asset in the classroom, especially in higher education, and will discuss why students should be using their own electronic devices in the classroom.

Professor Matthew Numer teaches classes that appeals to a wide-range of students so he consistently experiments with how to engage with students in a digital era. He will provide insight into the use of educational technology from the instructor perspective and has even conducted evaluation research on the effectiveness technology has in the classroom.

Tom Tobia completes the panel by providing insights as an entrepreneur who has spent several few years creating environments where others can come and create their products. Because his company, Makerversity, houses over 300 emerging businesses with a focus on making new things, Tom has knowledge on what the creative process behind creating technology is. He will be speaking to how hands-on teaching can make a big difference in a student’s journey and the overall importance of adaptability.

BYOD-top Where Does BYOD Fit In The Future Of Classroom Learning?Moderating this discussion will be Michelle Dervan from Rethink Education. Through her work, Michelle focuses on how to best invest in technology that will impact the future of education and in companies that are attempting to evolve learning experiences in a digital era. She will facilitate a discussion that allows panelists to dive into what the future of the classroom looks like.

Technology is an invaluable resource in education when implemented thoughtfully. By centering a discussion around BYOD, participants will gain insight in the effectiveness of BYOD for student engagement and preparation, examine the potential for tech in redesigning learning spaces, and explore how the overall design of classrooms can deliver better outcomes. To vote please visit this panel BYOD to the Redesigned Classroom.

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