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SXSWedu Preview: Citizen Discourse Is Launching Just In Time

citizendiscourse-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Citizen Discourse Is Launching Just In TimeThe Time and Climate Couldn’t Be Better, For The SXSWedu Launch Of Citizen Discourse

The children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Anyone older than about 25 probably knows those are some of the words in the Whitney Houston smash hit Greatest Love Of All. Today, as we prepare to publish this particular story on February 20th, we’re seeing children and students rise up and heed that call. Over the last few days we’ve seen high school students across the country prepare to mobilize for the March of Our Lives walk on March 24, 2018. Various media outlets are suggesting this particular walk to tell adults to listen to what kids are saying about gun violence in schools, could rival the Women’s March and the Million Man March, combined.

High School students today, want to mobilize and stand up for things in ways that rivals the 1960s. Students are vigorously trying to find ways to assert new values of kindness and camaraderie amongst one and another.

While one side of the spectrum sees bullying, both on and offline, as a major problem, others are saying enough is enough. Students want to stand up for themselves and one another.

Citizen Discourse is a platform to facilitate conversations, meetings and action for students. While they may not yet be able to vote, teenagers are still citizens and want to be heard. They’re always told “get off your ass and do something about it”, Citizen Discourse is helping them do just that.

Citizen Discourse, debuting at SXSWedu next month, is divided into three main sections, all geared towards high school students.

Hives: Are areas that allow students to explore all kinds of interesting subjects like; Democracy, Social Entrepreneurism, Social Movements, Poetry, Lyrics & Rhymes, Food for Thought, and City Beat.

“Our Contributor Collective of super smart and interesting subject matter experts share content through their own lens. Organizational hives makes it easy for classes and groups to gather online to to collaborate, discuss and prepare for IRL activities.” they say on their website.

Salons: take Citizen Discourse from online to offline. Students can set up salons on their school campuses as a place/meetup for like minded students to have civil conversations about the topics of the day. It’s also a great starting point to mobilize on the issues that matter to them most.

Journal: Is where Citizen Discourse members go to write down their thoughts, to express and to share with other members of the Citizen Discourse community.

High School students can join Citizen Discourse today, here. College Students are invited to apply for internships and if you know somebody who can contribute to the conversation they may be perfect for the Citizen Discourse Contributor Collective.

Citizen Discourse will be at SXSWedu 2018, March 5-8th in Austin Texas. You can find them in the Learning Expo, booth #221 and online at citizendiscourse.org

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