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SXSWedu Preview: Make Your Computer Science Class The Talk Of The School With CodeHS

codehs-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Make Your Computer Science Class The Talk Of The School With CodeHSTeachers, CodeHS Is Your Partner To Build A Thriving Computer Science Program

By now everyone knows how important coding is for today’s students. The benefits of having an effective coding and computer science program are plentiful. Coding prepares students for jobs in the workforce akin to the way automotive shop and nursing classes did in high schools decades ago. Coding is so important that many educators believe it will be as prominent in schools as learning Spanish or French.

But where do you start when you want to create a great computer science program?

CodeHS is one of the best ways to teach coding in  your school and build a computer science program that students will be talking about for years. Coding and computer science are unlike any other subject taught in schools today. The curriculum is evolving and innovating as fast as technology and to keep up you need a trusted partner.

CodeHS delivers with a full web based curriculum with courses to teach every level of student. They also offer professional development to ensure that teacher’s utilizing the CodeHS platform are up to date with the content, material and trends not just within CodeHS but going on in the world of coding and computer science around them.  Professional development is delivered in a variety of ways including online modules, in person workshops and they even offer summer workshops for teachers that want to learn more.

The internet has leveled the playing field between teachers and students.  If your computer science program is caught in the stone age your students will know it.

CodeHS features a clear, computer science pathway for students in middle school and high school. For students in grades 6-8 the curriculum starts with block program and evolves into text based coding in a variety of today’s computer languages. CodeHS moves on through high school, with coding courses all the way up to the AP level.

CodeHS also delivers analytics and data that matter to teachers, administrators and stake holders so they know how effective the curriculum is and how students are responding.

CodeHS will be at SXSWedu March 5-8th in Austin, you can find them in the EDU Learning Expo. You can also find them online at codehs.com

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