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SXSWEdu Preview: disruptED Is Bringing Books To Life Through AR and VR

disruptED-sxswedu-top SXSWEdu Preview: disruptED Is Bringing Books To Life Through AR and VRSXSW EDU Startup: disruptED Is Bringing Students Books Of The Future, Today

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are beginning to make their way into the classroom in a number of ways. Companies like Nearpod are bringing VR to curriculum and taking students on virtual field trips. Companies like zSpace are using virtual reality and augmented reality to give students access to areas of instruction they haven’t had before in ways never before imagined.

The same can be said about Austin edtech startup disruptED.

disruptED is helping publishers and other courseware developers bring their material to life through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality.

The tools that disruptED is creating are improving engagement, collaboration and performance ultimately driving student success. Students these days have the shortest ever attention spans, probably in the history of classroom learning. Today’s students are exposed to technology at an early age, for most it’s between 3 and 5 years old. When these students start school teachers are competing for attention like never before. They also have to offer the most engaging content or they will quickly lose that attention.

That’s where disruptED comes in. They’re using augmented reality and virtual reality to bring books to life. With augmented reality they are creating the “pop up” book of the future. From cover to cover, students engage with 3d animations, sound effects, narration and other special effects that keep the students intrigued and engaged. Through these AR enabled books, publishers and disruptED are able to bring more content to the student then ever before. Through augmented reality, disruptED will be able to make every image and character in a book bring even more content to life.

disruptED’s virtual reality technology brings books to life in a totally different way. Where augmented reality allows a wide variety of content, extras, and surprises that keep students engaged, virtual reality actually puts students into the story. Using a VR headset along with disruptED’s virtual reality books, students enter the world they find in the book in a 360° environment. As they turn their heads or look up or down, they’re in the story.

This amazing edtech startup has been selected for the Launch startup competition at SXSWedu, March 5-8th in Austin Texas. Find out more about them at disruptedgroup.com 

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