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SXSWedu Preview: Kiwi Is Preparing Today’s Middle School Students For Coding

kwicompute-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Kiwi Is Preparing Today's Middle School Students For CodingKiwi Compute: BecauseEvery Child Needs An Opportunity To Learn To Code

Coding is the language of the future. When students learn to code it opens up opportunities for their future. Many believe that coding is becoming more important in schools than learning a secondary foreign language like Spanish, French or German. Gone are the days when kids could take automotive shop or nursing in high school. Now, career focused education is centered around computer science and coding.

“learning to code is understanding how to speak a language that’s increasingly important and needed in today’s world.” Marty Jones, the co-founder of Austin based coding school for kids, Kiwi Compute, says on their website.  That’s a philosophy echoed by many in the edtech world but not so eloquently (or obviously stated).

Teaching kids to code is teaching them basic problem solving and decision making skills that are fundamental in other parts of education and “the real world”. Programming is also more immersive and hands on than traditional learning. As students learn programming and coding they can see the direct results of their efforts immediately.

Kiwi Compute teaches middle school students the foundations of computer science, programming and coding in python, a language still relevant in today’s technology world. Their 6 week courses go beyond traditional coding courses and include field trips and guest speakers that can drive home the importance of coding.

They believe that while learning with games is important in building an interest in computer science, Kiwi wants their students to receive hands-on experience with one specific language.

Students that are exposed to coding early on through robots and toys may lose interest in their high school years, that’s why driving these skills home and instilling confidence in learning, is important to Kiwi Compute.

Kiwi Compute will be at SXSWedu in Austin, March 5-8th. Find out more at kiwicompute.com 

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