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SXSWedu Preview: Annotations Are Driving A New Way Of Learning With Epigrammar

epigrammar-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Annotations Are Driving A New Way Of Learning With EpigrammarSXSWedu Launch Finalist Is Fostering A Collaborative Environment and Assessment Platform, With Annotations.

We’ve reported on hundreds of edtech startups that are making their mark trying to change the world, education, or the way people think. It’s rare that we come across a startup that changes the way learning is done. New York edtech startup, Epigrammar is doing just that, through annotation.

Uday Singh,Kwasi Oppong-Badu and Michael MacKay, the co-founders of Epigrammar, are using student annotation to drive reading comprehension, create a new breed of assessment and foster a more intimate academic relationship between teacher and student.

With Epigrammar, teachers bring all of their students into their Epigrammar class. Then, the teacher can upload reading assignments to the platform that are easily distributed to all of the students that are logged in. As the students read the material they make annotations.

After the students are finished annotating the text the teacher gets a “read alert” for  each student. There, they can review each individual students annotations or view the document as a heat map that shows which lines of text are annotated and how often. Teacher can scroll through all of the annotations and give feedback to each student.

With Epigrammar it’s almost like the teacher is able to read right over the students shoulder and give them feedback as they have ideas on the content and ask questions.  Through these annotations teachers are able to gauge the students’ comprehension on the material.

One of the most exciting features of Epigrammar is that teachers can use the annotations that are in the form of questions to create assessments. If a student’s question is used on the assessment the student earns “epi points”. This is a brand new collaborative way of creating assessments (tests).  The annotating process also helps teachers decide which areas of an assigned text that students need to be tested on.

Epigrammar is a SXSWedu Launch competition finalist. You can see them compete in the Launch competition at SXSWedu in Austin, March the 7th at 4:00pm. You can talk with them at the Launch Happy Hour at 6pm the same evening. Find out more about them at epigrammar.com.

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