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SXSWedu Preview: Taking The GRE or GMAT? You Need ExamPAL

exampal-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Taking The GRE or GMAT? You Need ExamPALWith ExamPAL You’ll Crush The GRE or GMAT In Less Than 4 Weeks Because They Train Your Brain For Better Test Taking

It may seem odd, but in 2018, online test prep is still very outdated. That’s because traditional test prep companies are cemented in getting students to train for and study the test itself. While that may seem totally logical to you, there’s a better way and over 50 people collaborated with one another to help create it.

ExamPAL makes a pretty bold claim, and that is, that you can crush the GRE or GMAT tests in four weeks by using their platform. ExamPAL takes their cues from personalized and adaptive learning, the latest trends in edtech. These new learning technologies help students become better learners, better thinkers and better problem solving and that’s where the PAL part comes in.

The PAL in ExamPAL, stands for Precise, Alternative, Logic. ExamPAL has discovered that there are three main routes to solving every GMAT and GRE problem. The Precise route is just that, precise. This route is when you simplify an equation or use a formula. The other route is Logical where you use logic over formulas and equations. The third, Alternative, is every other way that you can solve it.

Using ExamPAL’s PALgorithm students will find the most effective route to solving each and every GMAT or GRE problem.

While using the ExamPAL system to crush the GRE or GMAT test, the platform studies and optimizes the way you think. It will help identify the best way for each student to solve each problem. That way, students can focus their efforts where they can make the most impact on their scores. Optimizing the way students solve each problem means that students can solve problems, quicker.

All of this is built around the three part PALgorithm:

  • Diagnostic, ExamPAL measures your PAL starting point
  • Improvement, ExamPAL uses what they’ve learned about you to suggest the solutions that will help you improve the most
  • Optimization, ExamPAL compares you to other students with the same characteristics and offer the solution that helped them get more correct answers, faster.

As students make their way through the ExamPAL system they will also discover what works best for themselves and be able to apply those problem solving techniques in other testing and assessment situations.

The edtech industry at higher ed has been evolving and implementing new ideas for years, it’s about time test prep caught up. ExamPAL is a finalist in the SXSWedu Launch competition, Wednesday March 7th in Austin Texas. Find out more about them at exampal.com 

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