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SXSWedu Preview: Students Program OhBot To Move, Speak and Behave Like A Human

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 SXSWedu Preview: Students Program OhBot To Move, Speak and Behave Like A HumanOhBot Is The First Robot Head Students Can Program Using Windows or Raspberry Pi

ohbotrobot-sxswedu-top SXSWedu Preview: Students Program OhBot To Move, Speak and Behave Like A Human

There are quite a few robot edtech products on the market today, designed to teach kids coding and robotics. Many of them resemble small trucks or boxes with wheels. Ohbot has designed the first programmable robotic head for students to learn coding, computational thinking and understanding of computer science concepts.

The Ohbot head looks rather friendly, reminiscent of Johnny five or some of the other life like robot heads seen in television and movies. Using Ohbot kids and students can program the head to move around, speak and know when things are approaching. It’s like you’re programming C3P0’s head.

Younger students are able to program OhBot using scratch like blocks and as they become familiar with coding concepts they can move onto text based Python script programming.

Ohbot’s seven motor expressive robot head can come pre-assembled so students can dive right into the coding experience or you can choose to have him sent in a kit form allowing students to put Ohbot together themselves.  The newest version of Ohbot features tough school friendly construction, lips that can be made to smile, smoother motors improved expressive speech and improved sight and word memory.  Ohbot also speaks multiple languages.

OhRobot can be programmed to speak and respond. He can also be programmed to track facial expressions and make movements based on those expressions. There’s a wide variety of things that students can program and explore with Ohbot. It’s also the first robot for schools that lets students engaged beyond robotics and coding and into artificial intelligence.

Ohbot is also making his way into special education classrooms where students with special needs are teaching him how to smile, blink and close his eyes.

“Our more able pupils are very motivated to learn how to make it blink and so they are introduced to coding, albeit at a basic level. Students work in pairs: the child with the higher cognitive ability does the coding while the other might direct what it will do.”said  Bryher Pennells, a teacher at Charlton Park Academy, a school for pupils with severe and complex needs, London, UK from Special Children Magazine article.

Ohbot will be in the United States at SXSWedu in Austin Texas March 5-8th in the innovation hub. You can also find out more online at ohbotrobot.com 

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