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How Students Are Using Digital Portfolios To Dive Deeper With Story Telling

SXSWedu Panel Pick: E4 Youth On Digital Portfolios: Creative Youth Telling Stories

sxswedu18-top How Students Are Using Digital Portfolios To Dive Deeper With Story Telling

We’ve talked a lot about Bulb and their digital portfolios for students K-12 and beyond. One of the things we noticed about Bulb, last year when we first met the founders, was that they were far more than just a digital locker for storing student work.

Bulb is an online digital portfolio for students, and while any portfolio is intended to showcase a person’s work and give them insight into who that person may be, Bulb does just that for students. Bulb stretches beyond the realm of school work and into a student’s extra curricular activities and their creative side.

But it’s one thing just to say that over and over again because it’s the messaging we’re accustomed to from the Austin based startup headed up by two guys named Eric, well Erik and Eric. Eric Goldreyer and Erik Petrik created the company specifically to showcase a student not just lock their stuff up and save it. Bulb has become such an intricate part of students lives that E4 Youth, an extra curricular program for creative students in Austin, is proposing a panel at SXSWedu built around digital portfolios for students, and Bulb.

e4-top How Students Are Using Digital Portfolios To Dive Deeper With Story TellingE4 Youth caters to creative students from all walks of life and at varying ends of the creative spectrum. They have students who have been producing videos on YouTube and uploading music to SoundCloud. They have artists who are used to posting their latest work on Facebook and Twitter, but when they implemented Bulb students found a way to leverage their own content into digital portfolios that they could use for college and career opportunities as well as auditions and even to show off with friends and family.

“If you just put all your photos on Facebook and all your music on Soundcloud, for example, when potential employers or collaborators are trying to look you up, it’s not only harder to find all of your content, but it’s harder to get a sense of who you are as an artist. When you have all your work in one place, your audience has a more complete understanding of the kind of creator you are and what you’re like to work with.” E4’s Pflugerville High School’s student of the year said.

When Bulb built their product they did it from the ground up intending for students to be creative with all of the content that embodies their whole selves. They also made it intuitive and familiar, to some students the interface is as easy to use as Facebook.

Now through August 25th we’ve been showcasing some of the SXSWedu proposed panels, one’s that our editors have voted for ourselves. E4 Youth is proposing a panel entitled “Digital Portfolios: Creative Youth Telling Stories” which will take a look at how creative youth are using Bulb to showcase themselves and tell their stories. The panel will feature a high school teacher, a high school student and a college student who will speak about their successes.

Attendees of the proposed panel will learn:

  1. Examine how digital portfolios facilitate deeper learning through students telling their stories.
  2. Explore how to use digital portfolios as an assessment tool for student reflection.
  3. Understand how digital portfolios support healthy college readiness and career opportunities.

Vote by the end of the day Friday August 25th here. Learn more about E4 here, and Bulb here.

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