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Genius Plaza On How EdTech In Latin America Is Driving Change

SXSWedu Panel Pick: How EdTech In Latin America Is Driving Change

sxswedu18-top Genius Plaza On How EdTech In Latin America Is Driving Change

When you look south of the equator education in Latin America looks a lot different than it does in the United States, or even Canada. 40% of school aged children don’t attend school. Of those that do attend school, 50% of them will drop out by the 8th grade. It’s estimated that by 2040 40% of Latin America’s workforce won’t even have a high school diploma.

The biggest challenge for Latin American students is access. The region simply lacks the resources to connect students to the educational materials that they need. Sometimes the nearest school is over ten miles away, even in very populated regions.

Fortunately, EdTech companies are starting to close that divide and drive change.

Ana Roca Castro is the founder and CEO at Genius Plaza, a Latina woman herself she’s driven to effect change when it comes to educational equality both here in the US and in Latin America. Genius Plaza levels the playing field here in the states by offering educational resources in both English and Spanish and highlighting minorities, and women throughout their curriculum.

geniusplaza-panelpick Genius Plaza On How EdTech In Latin America Is Driving ChangeIn their proposed panel for SXSWedu they’ll bring to the stage leaders from Latin America who will talk about how they are leveraging technology to drive access and create opportunities. For instance, mobile phone penetration in the region continues to climb, currently standing at 66%. This creates an opportunity for edtech companies to deliver educational material to students in Latin America at least on the small screen.

Genius Plaza’s panel. How EdTech In Latin America Is Driving Change will explore:

  1. Sharing best practices.
  2. Identify opportunities for underserved communities to leverage EdTech to succeed.
  3. Create a forum to begin a conversation that drives to global change.

Nélida Sifuentes Cueto, Senator, Government of Bolivia (Sucre) will join Castro and possibly others to explore this important topic. You can vote on this panel here and learn more about Genius Plaza here.

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