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Go Open Or Go Home? The Rise Of OER

SXSWedu Panel Pick: Explore , Open Educational Resources (OER), and Their Value In Today’s Educational Landscape

sxswedu18-top Go Open Or Go Home? The Rise Of OER

Open Educational Resources (OER) are praised for enabling teachers to more easily share ideas and materials on a broader scale, while saving students money. But OER also raises questions around content quality, equity, and intellectual property, especially as digitization at large accelerates.Top Hat CEO and Founder Mike Silagadze, Editor-in-Chief of Openstax David Harris, Professor Laura Freberg from California Polytechnic State University, and Editor of Inside Higher Ed Doug Lederman will come together to discuss the pros and cons of OER in an increasingly digital world.

As an entrepreneur in the edtech space, Mike Silagadze knows that each professor’s needs are unique and technology must therefore be able to adapt. He will be addressing the concerns of copyright infringement with OER and discuss how to appropriately protect the professor’s rights when they create content online.

David Harris will add to the conversation by discussing the impact OER has and will continue to have on traditional publishing from a business and publisher perspective. Due to his background in nonprofit and for-profit education companies, he will also be able to discuss emerging research on the relationship between OER and socioeconomically disadvantaged students.

Laura Freberg will round out the panel by providing a professor’s perspective on OER. She is also the co-author of two editions of Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind for Cengage Learning which means she will be speaking from the viewpoint of both an educator and an author. With over 40 years of experience in the classroom, she is on the frontlines of edtech adoption and will speak to what benefits/struggles she has had in implementing OER in her classrooms.

Leading the discussion, Doug Lederman will present a non-biased voice on OER. Doug has had an extensive career in journalism, especially in the edtech field, and will guide the panel in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner.

By creating a conversation between edtech, business, and education, this panel will explore how increasing digitization positively and negatively impacts the value of OER. It will also debate if OER will and should replace traditional learning materials entirely and how creating and using OER materials can require more or less of an investment from faculty and staff. We are living in an increasingly digital world and need to understand the ways in which education can adapt to best benefit students and educators. To vote please visit this panel page  Go Open or Go Home? The Rise of OER.

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