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SignalVine To Explain How Text Messaging Drives Engagement At SXSWedu

SXSWedu Panel Pick: Email Is Dead: Connecting With Today’s Student

sxswedu18-top SignalVine To Explain How Text Messaging Drives Engagement At SXSWedu

We’ve all started to come to the realization that today’s students are a lot different than any previous generation. Technology, mobile, screens, texts, and data have all been a part of today’s students lives, practically since they were born. Heck my daughter had her first iPad at age 4 and her first iPhone at age 6. Another startling fact is that this year’s incoming freshmen in college, the class of 2021, have never lived in a time that there wasn’t a Google. They’re too young to remember a time before Facebook and would scratch their heads at the premise of MySpace.

When we talk about mobile apps and messaging on college campuses we often think of convenience first. Text messages are a preferred way of communicating for today’s college students. They don’t pick up the phone, and they could go an entire iPhone life cycle with the voice mail message saying “The Verizon Caller you’ve reached has not set up their voicemail”. Email is easy to ignore so texting makes sense.

But did you know that text messages can drive engagement. There’s some psychology packed in there as well.

SignalVine, the easiest way to keep in touch with students, is proposing a panel at SXSWedu in March called “Email is Dead: Conecting With Today’s Student” in the SXSWedu Panel Picker.

“The presentation will explore how and why the combination of behavioral science & mobile messaging drives high-impact change in education. Through the lens of decision-making science, we’ll see how proactive text nudges are a powerful driver of positive outcomes.  We’ll review three case studies in which texting is used to change the behaviors and outcomes of students. For each one, we’ll explore the problem, the behaviors behind it, and how mobile messaging is used to change those behaviors” the company says.

In this panel, SignalVine’s CEO Brian Kathman won’t only look at the behavior and psychology in text messaging and communicating with today’s students, but he’ll also discuss how to craft proactive text message nudges that influence student behaviors.

If you’re looking for more avenues to reach your students this panel is for you. You can find out more about SignalVine’s proposed panel here. SXSWedu panel picker voting is open through August 25th.  You can also chat with SignaVine at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st – November 3rd, booth #642 and check them out online here. 


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