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Sphero: Bringing STEAM To The Classroom With Robots

SXSWedu Panel Pick: Bringing STEAM To The Classroom With Robots

sxswedu18-top Sphero: Bringing STEAM To The Classroom With Robots


STEAM and STEM are the hottest thing in K-12 education these days. Sphero has been a pioneer in getting robotics, coding and other STEM/STEAM skills into classrooms everywhere.

Sphero is an app controlled (or coded) robotic ball that can be programmed to do a variety of things like follow people around, play golf, tease the cat, trace pictures and lines and much much more. Sphero has an entire education department that develops curriculum and projects that can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Sphero believes that play can be a powerful teacher. Sphero started off by providing easy lessons to the teacher, parent and student community, simple coding functions and fun things to do with Sphero. The Sphero EDU community snow balled (you see what we did there). Teachers and students started creating their own projects. Clubs were born and Sphero was integrated into art classes, science classes, maker spaces and STEM classes.

At SXSWedu Sphero wants to explain how Code goes #BeyondCode and creates vibrant communities of learners.”Explore how robots can be integrated into all content areas to make learning to code exciting, and participate in activities like navigating a maze, programming a painting, and mimicking the solar system.” they said on their Panel Picker page. 

In their proposed panel attendees will learn:

  1. How to get started with getting robots into your school program.
  2. Discover how Sphero Edu can be used to inspire K-12 students.
  3. See how you can teach coding through robotics even if you don’t know how to code.

Jeremy Macdonald, Education Content & Training Manager, Sphero and Dani Hammernik, Education Marketing Manager, Sphero will be the speakers.

Sphero offers a wide variety of mini-classes at some of the biggest trade shows in edtech including ISTE, FETC and at SXSWedu, here, you’ll have the chance to go more in-depth with the Sphero Edu team.

You can vote for Sphero’s panel here through August 25th and learn more here on their website.

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