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SXSWedu: With A Tour of Austin, Sphero Shows Off Their Depth Of Coding

sphero-sxswedu-top SXSWedu: With A Tour of Austin, Sphero Shows Off Their Depth Of CodingTatum Talks With Jeremy Macdonald About Sphero’s Tour Through Austin

After the initial disappointment that her buddy Bill Cullen, director of Sphero Edu, wasn’t at SXSWedu 2018 Tatum quickly learned that Jeremy Macdonald was pretty smart and pretty cool as well. Jeremy, along with the Sphero EDU team on-site at SXSWedu created a series of projects/games that took the robotic Sphero ball through a tour of Austin Texas.


In the first stop of the tour, SXSWedu attendees were able to use Sphero’s draw functionality to draw/program, a path for Sphero to navigate through the busy streets of Austin Texas. The traffic was more reminiscent of I-35 South versus say Cesar Chavez street, which meant it was crowded. Users would draw the path Sphero should go on to get through from the beginning of the traffic jam to the end. After a few attempts Tatum was able to program the Sphero she was using, without it falling off the table.


The next stop in the tour of Austin was on the streets of downtown. There, users would use block programming in Sphero to help the ball navigate through busy downtown, and of course downtown is super busy during SXSW. Once the Sphero successfully made it to the Texas State Capital, it was time for some fun and games.

Horse Shoes

At the state capital building (as you can see in the video) users could play horse shoes with a Sphero ball. This game was programmed in JavaScript. Jeremy let Tatum in on a little secret as well. If you’re looking for the Sphero horse shoe game, find the Thursday Learn Day Winter Olympics Curling edition, here.

Sphero is a robotics company based in Colorado. Their first robot, the Sphero ball, can be found in thousands of classrooms everywhere. The waterproof, programmable ball can be programmed to do an infinite number of things from painting to curling, swimming, and even dodging traffic (pretend traffic, be safe). Sphero is also known for their partnership with Disney that brought to market BB-8, R2D2, Lightning McQueen and more. Their SpheroEDU division is far more than just a sticker on a consumer product. Their crazy team of engineers and teachers have created an abundance of interactive and fun projects to create with kids in classrooms and makerspaces.

For more info visit edu.sphero.com 

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