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VictoryVR Returns To Austin For SXSWedu

victoryvr-sxswedu-top VictoryVR Returns To Austin For SXSWeduAfter Being Chosen as Acer’s VR Partner For TCEA, VictoryVR Returns To Austin Texas A Month Later For SXSWedu

Even though some VR in education companies are becoming near to the point where they’re too big for their britches, there’s a VR company in Iowa that’s doing amazing things with virtual reality in classrooms. That’s why VictoryVR was recently chosen as Acer’s virtual reality partner for TCEA, the second national edtech show of the season (FETC was first).

VictoryVR’s commitment to developing virtual reality based curriculum that’s intriguing, exciting and educational is why the multinational Acer chose them.

VictoryVR is bringing some of the best teachers in the world to students across America through virtual reality. Wendy Martin, a finalist for ABC’s “teacher of the year” is VictoryVR’s virtual reality host. She conducts experiments in a 360° virtual world and brings them to students using VR.

Sure taking virtual reality field trips to the monuments and attractions in Washington DC, or even taking a virtual reality fieldtrip to the moon is cool, VictoryVR uses virtual field trips to take students on unique educational experiences.  Instead of just oohing and aahing over a trip to space, students experiencing VictoryVR lessons will learn the fundamentals behind whatever is going on.

“We teach engineering design on the Great Wall of China and Earth’s formation on the volcanoes of Iceland because students retain more when they experience what they learn,” Steve Grubbs, VictoryVR Founder and CEO said on the company’s website.

VictoryVR’s education units are set to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and all include:

  • (1 – 2) Virtual Field Trips
  • (1) Interactive Game/Learning Activity
  • (2) Instructional Stories: VR Comic Book, Theatre experience, or VR Journey
  • (1) Teacher Demo/Experiment
  • (3) Assessments (connected to the cloud for recordkeeping)

The company offers ready to go VR curriculum in physical science, life science, earth & space, and engineering for students in 5th – 8th grades.

VictoryVR will be in the SXSWedu Learning Expo, during SXSWedu in Austin Texas, March 5-8th. You can also find out more at victoryvr.biz

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