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TCEA 2018: CDI Teams Up With Little Bits To Provide STEAM Coding Starter Kits To Schools

hero-k12-tcea-banner TCEA 2018: CDI Teams Up With Little Bits To Provide STEAM Coding Starter Kits To SchoolsNew Little Bits Kits, Exclusively From CDI, Help Teachers Get Started With Coding

littlebits-code-kit TCEA 2018: CDI Teams Up With Little Bits To Provide STEAM Coding Starter Kits To Schools

Little Bits is one of the most popular names in STEM/STEAM project kits. Our own 10 year old edtech reporter, Tatum F, got a chance to talk with Little Bits last week at TCEA in Austin Texas. During that interview, she found out that Little Bits is entering into some new and exciting partnerships, designed to expose students to the world of coding and electronics.

One of those partnerships is with K-12 technology provider, CDI, a leader in providing technology to schools across North America.

At TCEA CDI announced that they are partnering with Little Bits to offer STEAM Coding Starter Kits for classrooms, media centers, maker spaces and libraries. The package includes two of littleBits’ best-selling kits – the STEAM Student Set and the Code Kit –plus two add-on packages that allow students to expand on the lessons by creating games or electronic music.

The STEAM Student Set and the Code Kit are designed for students in grades three through eight and are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards. They provide everything needed to launch a hands-on, successful STEAM (Science, Technology Engineering Arts and Math) program.

“Students learn by doing, and the littleBits STEAM Coding Starter Kits provide a great way to teach important STEAM skills through hands-on learning experiences,” said Glenn Collins, vice president of mobile computing at CDI. “Students learn through creating games and inventions, and even generating their own music. Our goal at CDI is to provide the tools and technology that schools need to be successful. Our partnership with littleBits provides an affordable way for organizations to launch a standards-aligned STEAM program that engages and excites students.”

Each CDI STEAM Coding Starter Kit includes:

  • A STEAM Student Set, which teaches engineering and design through hands-on inventing. It includes:
    • Eight challenges such as inventing a self-driving vehicle or an art machine. Additional challenges and inventions are available on the accompanying app.
    • 19 Bits and 45 accessories.
    • A 72-page invention guidebook.


  •  A Code Kit, which introduces coding to the classroom through creating and playing games. It includes:
    • Four games to invent and code such as “Ultimate Shootout and “Hot Potato..of Doom.” More are available in the accompanying app.
    • 16 Bits and 30 accessories.
    • A computer-based app that provides tutorials, lessons and additional games.
    • Educator resources.


  •  Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition, an extension kit that provides tools to create big games, toys and pranks. It includes:
    • 16 inventions such as the Bitbot electronic rover and Prank Package, a box that opens on command to surprise bystanders. More are available in the app.
    • 13 Bits and 56 accessories. such as ball coasters and mechanical arms


  • A Synth Kit, an extension kit that teaches students how to create their own instruments and electronic music. It includes:
    • Two inventions: Keytar, in which students create their own electronic instrument; and Synth Spin Table, which allows students to play their Synth Kit like a DJ. More inventions are available in the app.
    • 12 Bits and one accessory.
    • A 34-page invention guidebook.

To learn more about CDI Computer Dealers, please visit: http://cdicomputers.com/

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bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 TCEA 2018: CDI Teams Up With Little Bits To Provide STEAM Coding Starter Kits To Schools