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Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporter Talks Nearpod TCEA 2017

Nearpod Continues To Dominate In The EdTech Space

Nearpod-Top Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporter Talks Nearpod TCEA 2017

Over the past several years Nearpod has dominated the edtech space in interactive multimedia content curriculum in a platform that’s easy for teacher’s to implement their own lessons, plans and quizzes on top. As the Nearpod phenomena continued to grow, they expanded to include virtual reality.

Now thousands of classrooms and thousands of teachers are using the Nearpod platform to bring interactive learning to new heights. Their technology can take a class in Rock Springs Wyoming to explore the White House. Students in Juno Alaska can explore Mars, in ways that they have never been able to before.

One of the best parts about Nearpod is their entire staff from the top down is truly committed not just to districts, administrators and teachers but to the kids.

Although not at TCEA because of their age policy, we’ve seen the Nearpod team get down on their hands and knees or sit with a group of students like a pretzel (Indian style is now politically incorrect) and walk them through the lessons, the same way a teacher would.

Monica S, a 4th grade teacher in Tennessee said “I learned about Nearpod at an ISTE show a few years ago, they walked me through the system and one of the lessons and answered every question I had, the same way I would for my students”. Testimonials like that are hard to come by.

At TCEA 2017 Tatum caught up with Rajive from Nearpod who spent a while walking her through a field trip to Mars on his personal iPhone, again answering even the smallest of questions.

In October 2015 they launched virtual field trips. Just a few months later they launched the first ever virtual reality curriculum for K-12 schools.

We believe that technology is key to deep learning in the classroom, and we’re grateful for our community partners, who like us, believe in the importance of enhancing the learning experiences for millions of students,” says Guido Kovalskys, CEO and co-founder of Nearpod. “By exploring the world around them using Nearpod VR, students’ skills are improving and engagement levels are raising in ways we never thought imaginable, and we’re thrilled to be reshaping the future of K-12 education.”

You can check out what Nearpod is doing here. 

Tatum had the opportunity to interview Nearpod in the lobby of TCEA. Unlike the other major edtech shows catering to K-12 educators, TCEA did not allow her to work at the show. You can catch Tatum’s coverage of the upcoming SXSWedu, ISTE 17, The Principal’s Conference and TLA.