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FETC 2018 Video: Bak USA Is Making Computers Purpose Built For Education With Purpose, In The US

codereadr-fetc-banner FETC 2018 Video: Bak USA Is Making Computers Purpose Built For Education With Purpose, In The USTCEA Preview: Bak USA Is The Creator Of The Popular Atlas 2 in 1 For Education, Made In the USA With Purpose

There are a handful of quality companies that are making computers and tablets designed for education. Many of them believe that if you throw a ruggedized rubber casing around a traditional laptop or tablet than you have a device ready for schools. The folks at Bak USA know there’s so much more to it than that. There’s also so much more to Bak USA than just computers for schools.

Bak USA is a purpose built company that was formed by the Bak family who have been helping people by providing access to jobs and technology for decades. The company was the first to build a computer technology manufacturing plant in Haiti after the earthquake. The factory employs Haitians for good paying jobs that give them access to technology you wouldn’t typically see in that country.

They started Bak USA to provide access to computers for kids in emerging countries. But when they looked out their windows in Buffalo New York they realized kids right her in America also needed access to computers. They also realized that people from all walks of life in America, and even in New York, needed jobs.

Bak USA is a little different than most computer companies on the manufacturing side as Alex Fernandez the company’s product manager for the Atlas lined explained to us at FETC. Each computer being manufactured starts and stops with the same person. That means from assembly, to loading software the computer is handled with care, leaving one person responsible for each device, which instills a culture of pride in each machine.

Fernandez said that people and family are the lifeblood of Bak USA. At lunchtime they all eat together, the executives, like Fernandez, and the worker’s that are putting each and every computer together. The manufacturing team can hear first hand, over lunch, what the field sales people need and the field sales people can hear what would be helpful to the assembly line, from features, to best practices. “It’s like a potluck family dinner” Fernandez said.

Many of the Bak USA employees had little to no experience when they started working for the company, some even rising to executive positions.

That company culture follows them wherever they go. Even at conference booths like FETC, you can run into someone who has screwed displays into housing and talked to end users (students). It all shows in their products.

Their company culture manifests itself in all of their products, students are using real high quality Windows 10 or Windows 10 pro machines that they know were designed with their rugged use and little hands in mind. Touch screens are fluid, programs open and close quickly and everything is designed to be easy to find and even easier to use.

Check out our interview with Fernandez above and for more information visit bakusa.com You can also find Bak USA at TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th , booth #2620

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FETC-Banner FETC 2018 Video: Bak USA Is Making Computers Purpose Built For Education With Purpose, In The US