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FETC 2018: The Force Comes To Bloxels

e4effort-fetc-banner FETC 2018: The Force Comes To BloxelsTCEA Preview: Bloxels Star Wars Is The Ultimate In Video Game Creation.

Last year, before ISTE 2017, our then 9 year old edtech reporter Tatum F, learned about Bloxels. Bloxels is game/game creating kit that allows kids of all ages to easily create 8 bit style, video games that work, with 0, zilch, none, absolutely no coding required.

It’s a product of St. Louis based edtech startup Pixel Press.  The company was founded on the idea of creating game experiences for both sides of the brain the analytical left side and the creative right side. Robin Rath, Daniel Wiseman, Josh Stevens, and Rob Bennet are the founders of the company.

Similar to the way Osmo is on and off line. Kids take the Bloxels board and create a game world. Then they take a picture with the app. Next they create their hero, take another picture and get going.

Thousands and thousands of kids have created millions of games with the original Bloxels. From character creation to developing their game play worlds, kids harness their imagination and creativity and create games. The original version of Bloxels is available at Game Stop, Target, Amazon and other big retailers.

bloxels-starwars-1 FETC 2018: The Force Comes To Bloxels

When Tatum interviewed Bloxels co-founder Josh Stevens at ISTE last year he eluded to the fact that a major partnership with a major studio was in the works for the end of 2017. That partnership was with Disney and their first product, Bloxels Star Wars, takes Bloxels to a new empire.

Now kids can create their own Star Wars games (there’s nothing stopping adults from doing it either so don’t worry). They can use characters they are familiar with from the Star Wars series and they can build their worlds around Star Wars worlds. They can even decide if they’re going to be on the dark side.

Check out Tatum’s video interview above, and for more information visit bloxelsbuilder.com  You can also visit with Bloxels at TCEA 2018 in Austin next week, booth #2672

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