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With Boardshare Any Teacher Can Have An Interactive Display

id123-fetc-banner With Boardshare Any Teacher Can Have An Interactive DisplayTCEA Preview: Boarshare Is The Affordable Interactive Classroom Display To Drive Student Success

boardshare-tcea-top With Boardshare Any Teacher Can Have An Interactive Display

If you’ve spent any time walking around any major edtech conference you’ve probably been wowed and amazed at some of the classroom display technology. We’ve come a long way from chalkboards and even whiteboards. Heck we’ve come a long way since the introduction of smart boards.

Every teacher knows the power of an interactive display at the front of the room, it means they can bring to life any kind of content and drive classroom collaboration and student success to new heights. The problem is that many of these interactive display technologies cost thousands of dollars.

Interactive displays that cost thousands of dollars can be found in many schools, coast to coast. But spend some time in an inner-city or rural school and you’re more likely to find teachers still writing with dry erase markers or chalk. Many schools and school districts just can’t afford to have that kind of technology.

BoardShare has created an interactive front of the room display solution that is extremely affordable. In fact, teachers could easily raise the money for a BoardShare on a site like DonorsChoose. The best part is that BoardShare is a portable, easy to set up device that can be thrown in a backpack, laptop bag, briefcase or even a purse. That means the BoardShare can stay with the teacher, wherever their travels may bring them.

BoardShare is your personal device that can make any surface into a dynamic and interactive workstation at a fraction of the cost of other interactive devices. With no installation, licensing fees, or time-consuming training required, BoardShare is the solution for your interactive technology needs.” the company says on their website.

BoardShare costs under $400 and while that may be a decent chunk for a full time teacher, the uses for BoardShare easily justify the investment. For starters it means that teachers that may not have access to new fangled digital LED boards can have an interactive display at the front of the room. Teachers that like to practice teaching a lesson for the first time, can set their BoardShare up in their living room and practice all night. They can even see how their interactive lessons will play out on the wall rather than a laptop or iPad screen.

BoardShare is perfect for substitute teachers and guest lecturers as well. We’ve all experienced putting together a good presentation or even a PearDeck to find out that the place we’re presenting doesn’t have the right cord to connect to your laptop. Teachers that teach extra classes outside of school hours or even outside of the school can throw their BoardShare in their laptop bag and have an interactive lesson wherever they’re teaching. They can even bring Sunday school classes to life.

Even though we are in the thick of edtech conference season, it’s also safe to say that BoardShare is perfect in the business world for sales people, marketing executives or anyone that’s holding an important presentation. With BoardShare you can take the interactive smart board with you.

See how easy BoardShare is at TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #429 and online at myboardshare.com

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