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TCEA 2018: Interview With Incident IQ CEO Travis Collins

hero-k12-tcea-banner TCEA 2018: Interview With Incident IQ CEO Travis CollinsInident IQ CEO Travis Collins Tells Us How They Went From Supporting Enterprise, To Supporting The Future

Lexicon Technologies is a company based in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. For years they were focused on supporting rugged, mobile hardware products for large enterprise customers. Think the handheld scanner devices that delivery drivers carry and Telxon guns found in retail stores. Their repair division fixed thousands of these devices a week to ensure that logistics companies and other large corporations could operate at full efficiency.

As Travis Collins was building the company he was asked to sit on one of the local school boards. This coincided with a time where technology was starting to make it’s way into classrooms aside from tv carts and shared computers. As Collins was helping to make decisions on that school board, the schools themselves were beginning to get into mobile devices and tablets.

The school board quickly realized that they were going to need some kind of repair and support company to help maintain their investment into technology for education. At that time Collins and his team at Lexicon started to really take a look at the education market, the local school system and if they could support those devices. On the hardware side it wasn’t much unlike what they were currently doing, repairing large fleets of devices where turn around time was critical to operations. In the case of education, critical to learning.

Lexicon Technologies still supports hardware in schools but what the team discovered was that there were horrible inefficiencies in the way IT was handled at the school level. They needed to create another product to manage that. One of the biggest issues with school technology, and enterprise technology for that matter, was “no issue found”. That’s hundreds, if not thousands of devices per year, that make their way through Lexicon’s repair facility just to find out they are working properly.

A more effective management platform at the school IT level could reduce the number of those incidents. Not only that, but having a better platform to manage IT in schools and school districts would mean that device repairs, and software issues were delegated both timely and properly.

The Lexicon Technologies team worked the next two years developing a new product and company specifically for the K-12 edtech industry. That company, Incident IQ, is the IT management platform schools have been looking for.

Check out our video with Travis Collins above and find out more at IncidentIQ.com

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bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 TCEA 2018: Interview With Incident IQ CEO Travis Collins