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K-12 IT Is One Of The Most Challenging In The Profession

kinderlab-fetc-banner K-12 IT Is One Of The Most Challenging In The ProfessionIncident IQ’s RT Collins Talks About Why K-12 IT Is The Most Challenging In The Profession, At FETC 2018

In any profession that matches both hands on skills and training, with book smarts, some engineering and technology, there’s bound to be a matching of both wits and egos. IT Professionals serving large enterprises, government campuses or military campuses may think that they have the most challenging jobs in the IT field, but chances are they’re wrong. All signs suggest that K-12 IT is the most challenging in the profession.

When you say it out loud it may sound silly. How in the world could K-12 IT be more challenging than meeting the demanding needs of a Fortune 50 company?

The answer is a variety of reasons. For starters, K-12 IT professionals face possibly the broadest range of users. Users in K-12 can range from ages 4-65 when you consider the students, teachers, faculty and administration. Chances are that Fortune 50 IT professional isn’t going to walk in one day to find Chromebooks busted just because some first graders felt like using them as frisbees.

Think about device onboarding for a second. At a traditional Fortune 50 company you’re constantly deploying devices as new employees join your rank and file. You’re also reseting and restoring devices as other employees move on to other companies. K-12 IT professionals are often tasked with deploying tens of thousands of devices all at the same time, and in a short window.

The systems are wide ranging as well. K-12 IT departments are supporting SIS (student information systems), LMS (learning management systems), intervention systems, attendance systems, security, resource management and a plethora of other systems that directly impact thousands of students at a time. Schools need to run with precision, like a well oiled machine, and they very rarely do.

There’s also stake holders. Your youngest user could be four, one of their stakeholders could be their mother. The mother of the VP of marketing at a Fortune 50 company isn’t going to leave you a scathing voice mail, email or worse, walk into the building demanding a password or some quick, remedial training.

All of these are problems and issues facing today’s K-12 IT professionals. While we may be smiling and laughing a little bit reading this, these are all things that K-12 IT departments face every single day. Also, nationwide, more and more K-12 IT departments are tasked with “doing more for less”. Although it doesn’t make any sense, many districts cut IT and facilities staff first when addressing budget cuts.

During FETC 2018, Incident IQ’s RT Collins spoke about how challenging K-12 IT can be and how Incident IQ was developed from the ground up to handle these, and other issues that are exclusive to K-12 education.

Check out our video with Collins above, and for more info visit IncidentIQ.com 

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