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Learning.com Knows With The Power Of The Internet, Comes Great Responsibility

codereadr-fetc-banner Learning.com Knows With The Power Of The Internet, Comes Great Responsibility
Learning.com Celebrates Safer Internet Day, February 6, With Free Online Safety Toolkit for Educators and Students

learningcom-tcea-top Learning.com Knows With The Power Of The Internet, Comes Great Responsibility

Think back to 1999. While we were partying like it was in fact 1999, computers had found their place in schools across the country and we were still a little ahead of the boom in online learning. A company in Portland Oregon had the foresight to realize that students needed to be taught important skills about digital literacy.

It’s like this, before we could write amazing articles on edtech, we first needed to learn how to actually write. We needed to learn how to use paper, pens, pencils and the other tools at our disposal.

What Learning.com saw then, is even more important now. Learning.com is a platform for teaching students, as early as kindergarten, important digital literacy skills. This starts with the very basics of using computers, tablets and devices to do what students need them to do in class. It then branches out to programming, coding and even publishing. Digital literacy encompasses everything in between.

Even in an age where parents are shoving tablets and devices into the hands of three year olds to get them to be quiet, when these same kids get to Kindergarten they have no idea the power of the devices they’ve been holding in their hands for years. My daughter is one of those kids. We would give her a device to play with in the car or at restaurants but when she was five and wanted to know something about zebras, I told her to just Google it and she looked at me like I had antlers coming out of the top of my forehead.

Students of all ages need to be taught these important skills. Which is where learning.com comes in. This is pretty important stuff that they do.

What learning.com also realized early on, was that with teaching kids how to use these great powerful tools, came incredible responsibility, something that many other companies leave out. That is, digital citizenship.

Laerning.com is committed to teaching kids how to avoid, detect report and protect from cyber bullying. Last year during October, cyber bullying awareness month, Learning.com participated in the blue shirt campaign and also offered valuable lessons, instructional material and resources to teachers on cyber bullying. This included a video to highlight some of the ways people cyber bully one another that may not be so obvious.

So of course with February 6th being Safer Internet Day, Learning.com is again celebrating by giving educators (all educators not just customers), an online safety toolkit and resources for teachers and students. They are providing a checklist with guidelines for creating a safe, digital, environment at school and at home.

“While students may think they are tech savvy, it is critical that they are aware of the dangers of learning and playing in a digital environment. Having open conversations with them about making smart, safe online decisions helps prevent some of the negative consequences that may occur in cyberspace,” said Keith Oelrich, CEO, Learning.com. “Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity for us to educate students and help raise awareness on February 6 and beyond.”

Learning.com will be celebrating Safer Internet Day in Austin Texas at TCEA next week. Talk with them about your digital citizenship efforts, digital literacy efforts and making the internet a safer place for our students, at booth #917 and find out more online at learning.com 

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