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TCEA 2018: Pearson, Droid Kits and Little Bits

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 TCEA 2018: Pearson, Droid Kits and Little Bits

10 Year Old EdTech Reporter, Tatum F, Gets The Low Down On Droid Kits, Pearson and Little Bits At TCEA 2018

10 year old Tatum has been doing edtech interviews at the major edtech conferences across the globe, since she was 6 years old. One of her favorite spots is Little Bits. Typically she just pulls up a chair at one of the tables in the Little Bits booth and goes right to town. If we don’t watch her she could spend hours there, creating projects, it’s that easy. That’s exactly what Little Bits intended.

Little Bits was one of the first companies on the scene that made electronics based project kits for kids, ala the old 50 in 1, or 100 in 1 project kits you used to be able to get at your neighborhood Radio Shack, when there was a neighborhood Radio Shack. In fact, The Shack was one of the first places you could find Little Bits kits.

Today you can find Little Bits kits at Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Amazon, and in your school’s maker space. Teachers love how intuitive Little Bits are. They love that affect they have on kids like Tatum. Kids can just sit down and get right to work, if something doesn’t work out they try and try again until it does, so not only are they learning electronics, coding, robotics or the basics of computing but they’re learning problem solving and even AB testing.

Most Little Bits kits come with a particular project in mind and directions, but the flexibility is in every part that allows students and kids to make the project their own.

Before we taped this interview Tatum was playing with a guitar made out of the coding kit. Then she just unplugged the slider switch on the guitar, grabbed an on off switch and went to town. That particular switch was intended to be a slider but the other one worked.

Teachers love how easy it is to follow the instructions for a project and large online communities of teachers are sharing Little Bits project ideas that aren’t “in the book”.

Tatum got to spend a good amount of time interviewing and learning with Little Bits’ Carrena Nunez at TCEA. In the video above, Nunez catches Tatum up on the latest kits available for teachers, students and kids, including their new Droid kits and coding kit. She also discussed their new exciting partnership with Pearson that will incorporate Little Bits into standards based curriculum through an initiative both companies call Elevate Science.

Check out the video above and for more information visit littlebits.cc

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bakusa-nibletz-720x90-TCEA-banner TCEA 2018: Pearson, Droid Kits and Little Bits