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TCEA 2018: Matific Is Making Math Fun For Kids In Grades K-6

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 TCEA 2018: Matific Is Making Math Fun For Kids In Grades K-6Our 10 Year Old EdTech Reporter Hates Math But Loves Matific


It’s not often that you can see the direct results of an edtech product within the first few minutes, but in the case of Matific that’s exactly what happened. On the last day of TCEA in Austin our 10 year old edtech reporter, Tatum, was making her last sweep through the exhibit hall when she ran into Cassandra from Matific. Although skeptical at first, Cassandra was able to talk Tatum into trying Matific.

Cassandra (seen in the video) asked Tatum what she was studying in math and what, if anything, was giving her trouble. Tatum told her, long division. So Matific set her up to play a couple of easy to understand games that taught and demonstrated long division. At that point it was hard to pry Tatum away from their booth.

Tatum played a Matific game that involved bottles coming off of a conveyor belt. She had to split the bottles up into the right amount of crates for shipping. We don’t recall the name of the exact game but it was sucking her in with division. As the problems got harder, and Tatum continued to get them right, her confidence continued to build, again making it harder and harder to stop playing.

That’s the appeal to kids in grades K-6 that use Matific in their math studies. For the record, that’s about 3,000,000 students across the globe. To support those kids in other countries the Matific content is offered in28 different languages and 30+ different dialects so that Spanish speaking kids in Madrid can learn with Matific as easily as Spanish speaking kids in Mexico.

Matific covers everything mathematics for grades K-6, from introducing numbers and counting to fractions and basic algebra. There’s over 1500 different activities.

Teachers that use Matific in the classroom get access to a dashboard that allows them to control how students use Matific. Teachers can assign different activities to each individual student or have students work on the same activity in small groups or the entire class. Matific also provides reports on student progress and they can receive curriculum reports instantly.

They’re currently holding a competition worth $50,000 in cash and prizes through the end of the month. Teachers can join the Matific games competition here. 

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hero-k12-tcea-banner TCEA 2018: Matific Is Making Math Fun For Kids In Grades K-6