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TCEA 2018 Preview: Let NetRef Be Your Classroom Internet Safety Net

codereadr-fetc-banner TCEA 2018 Preview: Let NetRef Be Your Classroom Internet Safety NetNetRef Protects Students and Keeps Them On Task While Giving Them The Ability To Use The Internet

netref-fetc-tcea-top TCEA 2018 Preview: Let NetRef Be Your Classroom Internet Safety Net

Today’s K-12 school districts need technology solutions that can be deployed district wide. When it comes to filtering applications that can be a little tricky. That’s because a 10th grade 20th century history class is going to need to see a lot more of the internet than a 3rd grade English class. But is there one filtering solution that can handle both?

Absolutely. That solution is NetRef a robust internet filtering tool designed to give administrators, IT staff and teachers access to internet controls. This means that teachers can control access or block access to sites based on material, content, grade level and even students individually.

For many schools the filtering tool is installed and turned on from the IT department throwing a big, broad, blanket over every device on the school’s network. What teachers were starting to find, and the educators behind NetRef, was that sites they needed for lessons were unintentionally blocked, while other sites with harmful content passed through undetected.

NetRef built their platform to be easy to operate. In just a few clicks the teacher or administrator can let content through or decide to block it.

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 TCEA 2018 Preview: Let NetRef Be Your Classroom Internet Safety NetIn 2018 the Internet looks a lot different than it did just five years ago. Students are using technology and the net in a lot more ways as well. George Dotterer, a parent, educator and CEO of Verite Educational Systems, knew all the challenges students and teachers face with access to the Internet, from the position of all four stake holders (parent, teacher, student, company). Verite also knew that to be fully effective it had to be easy to use and simple to install.  That’s why NetRef offers seamless integration and implementation.

Outside of safety, good digital citizenship and making sure the web complimented the curriculum, teachers are faced with another obstacle from the internet and that is distraction. Because NetRef can be controlled classroom side, if there’s a video or  content that is causing an uproar or distraction in class, teachers can quickly shut it down. NetRef’s powerful student device management system can be deployed on your schools 1:1 devices and even in BYOD devices. When students enter your school’s network teachers and administrators can make sure they aren’t distracted by that Snap or Facebook post.

Meet with the net filtering platform created for teachers by teachers, NetRef, at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th booth #1253 and TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th booth #1418 and visit them online at net-ref.com 

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